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Who are we?


We are Creative Insurance Group (CIG), Headquartered in sunny Orlando, FL with locations throughout Washington DC & Miami, FL. With a combined 25 years experience, our team has ensured the companies commitment to the products we offer and clients we serve.  We have full understanding that customer care is the foundation of creating a successful business, and thus maintain the highest level of satisfaction from our clients.
CIG's growth and success has been directly related to the development and personal achievement of our Client relations team.  Training our team to act as consultants, and to help navigate clients through the headaches of finding a perfect insurance plan is our core goal. We understand what clients need in order to feel comfortable with what they are purchasing, and strive to offer a comprehensive understanding through the process.
Our story
2016 January Changing The Industry

Merging into the Washington DC & South Florida Marketplace, CIG continues to serve clients within the niche market healthcare sector along with overseas travel/work insurance plans.

2015 November 2 Years In The Making

CIG creates a Health Wellness Program for individuals / businesses who cannot afford the monthly cost of a typical Major Medical Policy. THIS PROGRAM WILL BE THE BRIDGE GAP AND ASSIST THE MILLIONS OF INDIVIDUALS CURRENTLY GOING WITHOUT INSURANCE.

2013 June Rapid Expansion

Through mergers and acquisition our firm continues to grow pushing out as far as California. CIG partners with CLC Inc now offering Legal, Lifestyle, and Credit Repair services to all clients nationwide.

2012 March First Signs of Growth

CIG expands through the northeast and into the midwest. Offering plans to residents in 32 states nationwide!

2010 July CIG is Founded

After years of hardwork and dedication, from head broker John Jack, Creative Insurance Group was developed in the heart of central Florida.Since inception we have expanded across the country and now hold offices in Washington DC, San Diego, and Orlando.

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download Limited Medical Indemnity Insurance allows for individuals to access Doctors office visits benefits, hospital, medical expense and more!
HCC logoHCC specializes in providing short-term medical coverage in the U.S. and international medical coverage in 130 countries for individuals and groups.
FullSizeRender (2)Guaranteed-Acceptance with no judgment towards pre-existing conditions, any age restriction or non-U.S Citizen.
What Drives Us
Dedication Dedication · 100%
Consistency Consistency · 100%
Collaborating Collaborating · 100%
Helping Others Helping Others · 100%
What we offer
Creative Insurance Group is a family­-owned business. We believe that regardless of changes within the health care industry, the commitment and dedication to our clients is the one thing that will never be compromised. As a client and a member of t CIG family you will have access to multiple policy types that service specific niche markets. CIG partners with some of the largest names in insurance to provide its clients with Short Term Medical policies, Limited-Benefit Health policies, s well a Ancillary Benefit programs. All of which carry a nationwide PPO. Our firm only works with AM Best A-Rated provider so that you may only enroll in a plan that is sure to suit your needs.
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The Benefit Upgrade Plan

What is this program?

CIG has teamed up with Nationwide companies like Aetna, Teladoc and many more to create a Wellness Benefit Package that can assist in day to day needs. The Benefit Upgrade plan combines all in one services rather than having to pay for each individual service. BUNDLE and SAVE!! .

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